Protection against product piracy

Koelnmesse is here to support you if you spot counterfeits of your product or see your intellectual property rights abused.


Even before the exhibition starts, we make sure that counterfeiters have no chance at our trade fairs:

If we have concrete evidence of an actual or imminent infringement of an IPR in a registration form for a fair, we write to exhibitors in advance of an event and point out the conditions for participation and the consequences arising therefrom.

  • In case of doubt, we exclude repeat offenders from our fairs.
  • If you suspect product piracy during the exhibition, you can contact us - we will put you in contact with experts.
  • At some particularly vulnerable fairs you will also find the "No Copy! Originals only!" desk that we operate in conjunction with the German Patent and Trademark Office.
  • For more information, please see our "No Copy! Originals only!" brochures.