Vegan Innovation Award 2016


In order to do justice to the high innovative spirit of the sector, the German Vegan Society e.V. has been confer the Vegan Innovation Award for particularly outstanding product developments on 05.11.2016. The winners can use the award logo and will be presented in the vegan magazine as well as on the Facebook pages of the German Vegan Society e.V. as well as at veganfach.

One product of each category has been selected as the winner.

Particularly innovative products were distinguished in the following seven categories:

These products also impress meat-eating people, who are not yet vegan.

Products that present a new technology, innovative new material or innovative ingredients. Furthermore, products that replace hitherto non-vegan products also have a chance of winning an award in this category.

Products will be distinguished in this category that don't transform conventional products, but which are instead something totally independent and new.

The best vegan newcomer products that are both vegan and organic.

Products that simply taste delicious, look fantastic or are excellently packed and convince everyone have a chance of winning an award in this category.

Products that keep us fit or maintain our health are distinguished in this category.

Everything that is prize-worthy, but doesn't fall under the other categories.