Green sofa - Celebrities and speaker

Daniela Böhm, Book author, animal rights activist

Daniela Böhm

Theme: "A light of hope"

Jan Bredack, former Daimler manager and Veganz founder

Jan Bredack

Theme: "The jump into the USA. How Veganz is now also setting the agenda in the United States."

Dr. Edmund Haferbeck, Peta Germany

Dr. Edmund Haferbeck

Theme: "Animal rights and veganism in the field of tension between ecology, world hunger and climate change"

Vita (.pdf)

Katrin Heß

Katrin Heß

© Nadine Dilly

Kirstin Knufmann, raw vegan, entrepreneur

Hostess Katharina Kuhlmann

Katharina Kuhlmann

Christian Kuper (Pro Forum Vegan)

Christian Kuper

Theme: "Vegan & street food – does that work? Being successful with a niche product"

Anne Menden

Anne Menden

Already heard? The wonderful Anne Menden is not only familiar from GZSZ Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten (long-running German television series), but is also active for animal protection. Anne will be a guest on the Green Sofa powered by Aramark on the veganfach Saturday and will then sign autographs! This is definitely worth having a look!

Mathias M. Meyer (Pro Forum Vegan)

Mathias M. Meyer

Theme: "Vegan practice in the university cafeteria kitchen. Between wish and reality"

Author Björn Moschinski (Pro Forum Vegan)


Theme: "Great flavour doesn't need meat - How to make guests enthusiastic about vegan cuisine."

Fiona Oakes, Marathon runner

Fiona Oakes

Theme: "An extra mile for the animals - a journey of ethical veganism"

Dipl.-Ing. (Graduate of engineering) Simone Schiller MPH, Chief Operating Officer DLG technical centre for food

Simone Schiller

Theme: "Vegan food - challenges in manufacturing and sensor technology"

Udo Taubitz, journalist and author

Udo Taubitz

The Hamburg journalist and author Udo Taubitz published the first children's book with vegan heroes four years ago. "Karl Klops, der coole Kuhheld" was honoured with the PETA Progress Award. Udo Taubitz is now upping the ante for all big and little animal friends: "Schweinchen Schlau" tells the heartwarming and funny story of a brave little pig that rescues his dad from being turned into sausage again and again.

Schweinchen Schlau

The farmer wants to make sausage out of Papa Pig. However, the little pig protests: "I may be only a little animal, but my papa belongs to me!" The little pig invents everything the farmer needs from food remains, straw and old tractor tires: sausages, gelatine, leather. And all of it pig-free. The greed of the farmer makes way for the insight that pigs are cleverer than sausages could ever be!

Roguish fun and social criticism combine in this rhyming picture book imaginatively and humorously to form a child-friendly panorama of our relationship with livestock.

Diploma biologist Jörg Ullmann

Joerg Ullmann

Theme: "Algae and its significance as food - between emergency nutrition, haute cuisine and food of the future"

Ben Urbanke, endurance athlete, book author

Ben Urbanke

Theme: "Nutrition as a performance factor- The first organic power bars with superfood from Goodsport."

Christian Vagedes, German Vegan Society, Veganmagazin

Christian Vagedes

Themes:5 years of vegan progress. What we have achieved and what is still to come.

Madita Zetsche, Biologist at Ocean Sounds

Madita Zetzsche

Theme: "Ocean Sounds – The life of the whales on the Lofoten."

Peter Zodrow (Pro Forum Vegan )

Theme: "The success code for vegan system gastronomy. Example: Sattgrün – fresh, bold and free of animals."