Information und show - visitors to veganfach can also look forward to a unique event programme in 2017. The Pro Forum Vegan will be there once again for the industry pros. Our private visitors also have a lot to look forward to. The veganfach project team, together with vegan magazine, has compiled a promising event programme with prominent vegans, cooking shows and lectures. Prominent vegan ambassadors like Moses Pelham, Marcell Jansen, Anne Menden and Anastasia Zampounidis will be there, among others.

Green Sofa


An extraordinary event programme is once again coming to the Green Sofa in 2017, with Moses Pelham, Marcell Jansen, Anne Menden und Anastasia Zampounidis.

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Pro Forum Vegan

veganfach - Pro Forum Vegan

The team of the dfv media group presents the chef and blogger Sophia Hoffmann, ex-footballer and restaurateur Marcell Jansen, as well as the pro chef Ingo Kokartis.

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Vegan Innovation Award

Vegan Innovation Award

This year's expert jury around the musician and producer Moses Pelham and the vegan digital and start-up experts Tobias Liebsch will distinguish the most innovative products of veganfach with the Vegan Innovation Award 2017.

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Vegan Chill Zone

veganfach - Chill Zone

Foodtrucks from Bunteburger Burger and Der Gute Heinrich invite visitors to treat themselves in the Vegan Chill Zone.

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Vegan Christmas Market

Vegan Christmas Market

This year veganfach offers a special highlight: The Wintertraum vegan Christmas market!

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