Vegan Innovation Award 2017

Vegan Innovation Award Impression

The Vegan Innovation Award will be conferred by the Vegan Society Germany for the second time already. Particularly innovative and outstanding products will be distinguished with this award: The seal with which the products of the winners are distinguished also contributes to providing consumers orientation among the constantly increasing number of vegan products.

Three products each per category will be nominated and exhibited. One winner per category will also be honored on Saturday, 04.11.2017 at 4 p.m. on the stage of the Green Sofa.

Expert jury

Prominent vegans:

The Frankfurt producer, author, rapper and label operator Moses Pelham was initially a vegetarian before becoming a committed vegan. He now makes himself available for the jury for nominating convincing products.

Vegan digital and start-up experts:

Always with his finger on the pulse of the times, Tobias Liebsch is always looking for the hottest vegan trends. The marketing expert knows which innovations are currently moving the vegan world - not least through his work with start-ups.

Diplom-Agraringenieurin (graduate in agricultural engineering), has been an editor with the business journal gv-praxis of the dfv media group for the last ten years.

"We require innovative, flavourful products to further broaden the vegan trend. Only in this way will consumers more frequently choose animal-free alternatives entirely in keeping with a sustainable lifestyle.“

Chief Operating Officer of BioPress, publisher and organic expert:

Vegetarian and vegan food products are at the heart of things for me as an organic devotee. vegan alone is too little for me. Plants shouldn't be forced to grow quickly with doping (fertiliser, plant protection agents). Only naturally developing plants really make sense in vegan nutrition.

Publisher of veganmagazine.


  • Food & Beverages: deliciously vegan:
    Products that simply taste delicious, look fantastic or are excellently packed and convince everyone have a chance of winning an award in this category.
  • Non-Food: vegan lifestyle
    Products are honoured in this category that belong to a vegan life and lifestyle, for example, fashion and interior.
  • Sustainable: sustainably vegan
    The sustainability of vegan products is becoming increasingly important. The best vegan newcomer products that are both vegan AND sustainable are nominated in this category.
  • Startup: young, innovative & vegan
    Honoured here are products of young startups who create innovative ideas and products and enrich the vegan life in doing so.
  • Vegan for non-vegans: Flexigan
    Living vegan is for many not a decision made overnight. These products also impress meat-eating people, who are not yet vegan.
  • Healthy, athletic & vegan
    Athletically on the go and vegan nutrition don't exclude one another. The products selected in this category stand for this and promote both athletic activities and a vegan lifestyle equally.