Vegan Innovation Award

To stay abreast of changes due to the high dedication and fast development of the vegan market, veganfach established the Vegan Innovation Award to honor the most outstanding products.

The most innovative product in each of the three categorys will be presented at veganfach. The winning products will be honored with our award logo, contributing an additional orientation for consumer among the growing number of vegan products. The nominees will be exhibited in our Vegan Innovation Award Area, which is located in Hall 3.1.

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  • Eat vegan!
    • Food: Good food plays an important role in life for all of us. Of course it has to taste good, but what really matters is the whole package! In this category every vegan food has the chance to qualify. Particular attention is paid to innovation, sustainability and taste. Criteria of appearance and packaging to consistency and smell are considered.
  • Live vegan!
    • Non-Food: Vegan living means more than only to pay attention to its nutrition. It's a lifestyle of its own! Here products are distinguished, which fit perfectly into a vegan life. These include fashion, fitness, interior and more. Here, benefits, marketability, practicability and appearance are evaluated, among other things. The focus is on innovation and sustainability.
  • Drink vegan!
    • Beverage: Of course, a good meal always includes a good drink! Vegan drinks for every taste are examined here. In this category, too, particular emphasis is placed on innovation, sustainability and taste. The criteria here also depend on appearance, packaging, consistency and smell.

The winners 2017

Company: Roo Brands Ltd.
Product: Kookie Cat Vanilla Choc Chip

Kookie Cat is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and with no added refined sugar and preservatives. This cookie is the perfect healthy snack awarded with Vegan Innovation Award.

Company: wasserneutral GmbH
Products: Hydrophil sustainable child toothbrush // blue // extra soft and Hydrophil sustainable toothbrush // blue // mediumsoft

A toothbrush that helps you and your kids to reduce their plastic consumption. With a biodegradable handle made from the rapidly renewable raw material bamboo. Bristles with excellent nylon cleaning properties. Sustainable and 100% vegan!

Company: purefood GmbH - Marke ‚Lycka‘
Product: Lycka Coffee (Cold Brew)

Lycka Coffee' Black' in the 185ml bottle puts every product in the shade with a coffee content of 97%! Finally, an honest genuine cold coffee drink to go!

Company: Vegablum – die fleißigen Blümchen
Product: Wonig – the vegan honey alternative

Wonig is the vegan alternative to honey. It can be used as a spread on bread or for sweetening tea and food. With Wonig you can conjure up a great vegan BBQ sauce, for example, a vegan honey-mustard dressing or simply drizzle on pancakes in the morning. It is also ideal for baking.

Company: LikeMeat GmbH
Product: LikeMeat Pulled Pork, LikeMeat ham sausage, LikeMeat Fillet pieces of doner kebab style

Gently cooked makes juicy tender! Vegan meat fine in taste and texture let even the pig smile. Whether ham or sausage? You don't even have to ask yourself that question. We have combined the best of both and with our fillet pieces of doner kebab style there is a new art of food.

Company: pumpin panda GmbH
Product: pumpin panda protein chocolate

pumpin panda Protein Chocolate is a sporty chocolate treat with a clear conscience. More than 21% of vegetable proteins in each bar of chocolate supply the muscles with all essential amino acids. As a nice side effect, the protein chocolate saturates faster and longer and keeps the energy level stable thanks to blood sugar-friendly coconut blossom sugar - despite 40% less carbohydrates and sugar.