Vegan Chill Zone

The Vegan Chill Zone invited to vegan treats and chilling. Whether street food from the food truck, sweets, snacks or hipster drinks – in the Vegan Chill Zone you found culinary vegan highlights and new discoveries.

Besides street food, Bunte Burger and Der Gute Heinrich also offered banana bread, Saitan goulash, autumn salad with fried Maultaschen (Swabian pockets) or red lentil soup with spinach. Even a typical Cologne dish was offered: Himmel und Äd (mashed potatoes and apple sauce) & vegan Flönz (lightly smoked blood sausage). "Everything homemade and 100% vegetable", reported Carmen Linder from Der Gute Heinrich, and promised: "We use compostable, organic and disposable dishes."