Vegan Chill Zone

Food – from street food to soul food

Bunte Burger is the address for vegetarian & vegan feasting in organic quality. The best street food is served à la carte from the Bunte Burger Gourmet Food Truck. All food is prepared fresh and with a lot of love on location. The Bunte Burger repertoire extends from snack bar classics like burgers, sausage in curry sauce and fries through extravagant hot dog and wrap variations to salad and soup specialities. The organic beverage assortment rounds off the offering.

The Kimbap Spot stands for Korean soul food – for delicious and authentic Korean cuisine. Kimbap is composed of two Korean words: kim (kelp) and bap (boiled rice), and could (!) be described as Korean sushi. The Kimbap Spot rolls are filled with colourful ingredients: cucumbers, yellow radish, burdock root, spinach, sweet potato, fresh red beets, carrot, avocado, tofu and other seasonal ingredients. The main features of Kimbap Spot cuisine: COLOURFUL ❤ HANDMADE❤ PLANT-BASED❤ (in the style of the Korean temple food of Buddhist monks).

ERNA - Reformhaus® on Tour as of this summer, the ERNA Food Truck is on a big tour of Germany and is also making a stop at veganfach. The Reformhaus Veggie Truck takes its guests on a culinary world tour.

veg-ruf..."die vegane Waffelschmiede" offers fresh Belgian gourmet waffles with various “cream", fruit and chocolate variations, or as classics with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon.

Beverages - from coffee to cold drinks

  • Coffee Corner
  • Coffee Oldtimer
  • Cold Drinks