Pro Forum Vegan

Successful with vegan? Gastronomy experts show how it's done!

On Friday, 3 November as of 11:00 a.m., under the motto „Successful with vegan - concepts and their makers", acknowledged experts will discuss the trend theme of our times at the „Pro Forum Vegan" of veganfach 2017. The forum is organised by Koelnmesse and the out-of-home media of the dfv media group (gv-praxis, food-service, FoodService Europe & Middle East). It is oriented to companies and managers in the out-of-home market at all stages, from manufacturing through operative to consulting.

Pro Forum veganfach

„Finally stop seeing vegan as only a trend"

Pro Forum veganfach - Sophia Hoffmann the appeal of the vegan queen Sophia Hoffmann. To start the forum, the successful chef, food blogger and author shows what's at the core of the vegan idea: conscious consumption, sustainability, empathy and especially a lot of enjoyment. "Vegan tastes good. If it doesn't taste good, it's probably just that somebody cooked badly", is the summary of the "plant whisperer". Hoffmann reveals how one can raise enthusiasm for vegan food in food service among a broad public in her provocative and equally interesting lecture.

Vegan expert Kokartis provides practical tips for the business and care market

Pro Forum veganfach - Ingo Kokartis

The male counterpart to Sophia Hoffmann is without a doubt vegan coach Ingo Kokartis. He is a trained chef, confectioner, sugar artist and vegan expert in institutional and care food service. He successfully started the first vegetarian-vegan bistro in Germany in the Schön Klinik Hamburg. There he is responsible for the catering and service area. Prior to that, he was, among other things, operations manager for the contract caterers Dorfner Menü, Apetito Catering and Dussmann Service. At the pro forum vegan, the talented vegan expert Kokartis provides practical tips for the business and care market, and explains why hospitals, company restaurants, etc. should utilise animal-free cuisine as a new marquee and business card for the company. But what does a good vegan concept for institutional food service look like? The Hamburg native provides answers in his inspiring lecture. Apropos: in autumn Kokartis will be presenting the first vegan cookbook in Germany for visually impaired people, including audio files.

How does one develop a trendy vegan snack concept?
And what is necessary to do so?

Pro Forum veganfach - Thomas Deelmann

However, the bakers are also setting out on the vegan path. How that can work is explained by Thomas Deelmann from the product management of the baking finalists BackWerk, which are based in Düsseldorf. The company is one of the largest self-service bakeries in Europe and has 303 outlets in Germany alone. BackWerk started its own line of vegan snacks at the beginning of 2016 – with great success. For this launch, the company was awarded the Progress Award 2016 from the animal rights organisation Peta for the most animal-friendly assortment expansion of a self-serve bakery. But the vegan snack offensive is also paying off financially. So how does one develop a trendy vegan snack concept? And what is necessary to do so? Product manager Thomas Deelmann presents answers to these questions at the pro forum vegan.

The final act of the Pro Forum is the vegan challenge in practice

The final act of the pro forum is a discussion with a total of four speakers of the forum about the vegan challenge in practice. The participants will then visit selected exhibitors of veganfach 2017 and can convince themselves of the quality and flavour of vegan products with some tasting.